Spokesmodel Program

Do you have enough ATTITUDE? Maybe you can be a Studio Mark Emile Senior Spokesmodel!

Becoming a Spokesmodel for Studio Mark Emile is a great way for you to get the best, most rockin’ senior portraits, get free stuff, and become eligible for cash and prizes (including an iPad III!) It’s really simple. You come to us for senior portraits. We will do both a studio session and a location session. We will provide you with custom designed bookmarks to share with your friends, and an album of the best shots for you to show around. Each of the bookmarks is worth $50 to whoever turns it in when they purchase a senior portrait package from Studio Mark Emile. It is also worth $50 to YOU towards your own senior portrait package. When you reach 5 referrals, you are entered into a drawing for an iPad III!

We are only accepting a limited number of spokesmodels from each school. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Apply today!

There are two ways to apply. See Below

Option 1
Download the application form, complete it and email the completed version (don’t forget to save it!) to david@studiomarkemile.com

Option 2
Complete and submit the application form below.

Spokesmodel Application

Apply now to become a Studio Mark Emile Senior Spokesmodel!
  • Parental permission is REQUIRED to be considered as a Spokesmodel!

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